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"I read with great pleasure the "Civil Law Review" from the first issue. The quality of the published materials, the importance of the problems considered by the authors, a thoughtful set of permanent headings make the journal irreplaceable for a practicing lawyer. The journal introduces into the course of issues discussed by the science of civil law, allows us to see the directions of its development; At the same time, the journal publishes scientific comments on the current legislation and materials on the policy of law. At the same time, not a single category is inferior to anything else. This creates a journal, equally theoretical and practical - a truly legal journal. Before the appearance of the Civil Law Review, this niche remained unoccupied, which is absolutely unacceptable in a civilized society. "

Rahmilovich Andrey Viktorovich Attorney at Law Office Margulian and Rahmilovich 

"An up-to-date journal, timely, a wonderful continuation of the tradition, a beautiful design, the content of the journal meets the requirements of a modern lawyer.I also would like the magazine to publish articles on topical issues of civil law and perhaps in the form of a discussion of Russia's leading civilians. In my opinion, the content follows supplement the rubric with securities in order to disclose their essence and those legal relations, the object of which are certain securities, in particular, bills of exchange. "

Khoroshev Valery Pavlovich, Director for Legal Issues, Aristo

"The magazine is very interesting in content, the style of registration is easy for perception, but I would like to make the font a little bigger - my eyes get tired. In the rest everything is fine, we are waiting for new numbers, thanks to the authors and the editorial staff! "


Alexey Belsky, General Director The legal company "Aristo" (N. Novgorod)

"Like everyone who cares about the fate of Russian civil thought, we welcome the restoration of the" Civil Law Review".


The magazine symbolizes the revival of the Russian academic legal tradition after 70 years of oblivion. At the same time, the content, format and quality of the "Review" make it possible to put it on a par with the world's leading legal publications.


The author's team consisting of the best civilians, in-depth expert research and disclosure of theoretical and practical problems, attention to foreign experience, openness to new views and bold posing of questions is the unique standard of the "Review", which immediately made it the most authoritative publication in the field of civil law.


Burobin Viktor Nikolaevich, Candidate of Juridical Sciences, President of the Law Office "Attorney Firm" Justin "

The magazine "Civil Law Review" is one of the few legal journals not only holding a very high "bar" and asking it for other journals and researchers, one of those periodicals that forms the doctrine of our civil science. And in this capacity, as a "thick" magazine, a fundamental publication, and not a lightweight and popular reading-book, it is useful not only for theorists, but also for practitioners, although in civilization such contrast is unlikely to be productive. The courage of the authors and authors of the magazine, who are not afraid to criticize dubious scientific works and bills, their desire to prevent the "littering" of civil science and civil legislation, deserves respect.

Mikhail Savransky, Deputy Director of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation.

Over the past year, the number of highly specialized publications has significantly decreased. It is very pleasant that the "Civil Law Review" is still afloat and on all sails is striving forward. Such a weighty, in all senses, edition of the crisis should not be a hindrance. He is interesting and useful to the real professionals of his business. I would like to especially note the responsiveness of the whole editorial board and thank you for supporting the project of our company - the competition of practicing lawyers "Pontiff". I hope that our cooperation will continue and will be productive for both sides.

Dmitry Suzdalev, development director of the company "What to do Consult"

"The magazine "Civil Law Review" is unique in its own way, and we are glad that such a highly professional edition continues to please us with its new releases. We hope for the preservation of the existing traditions and style of the magazine, we will be happy to continue our cooperation. "

Arkady Bereshuk, director of the "Virtual Club of Lawyers" NP, director of the Agency for Legal Security INTELLECT-S (Perm)

"Civil Law Review" is, perhaps, one of the best scientific journals in modern Russia. I personally write a lot of magazines. But among them the Bulletin is the first one I regularly read. In no other journal can we find such a concentrated analysis of the problems of private law. And according to the composition of the authors, and the complexity of the topics, and the depth of scientific analysis, "Review" is rightfully the leading civil periodical. "


Artem Karapetov, Ph.D., rector of the Law Institute "M-Logos", Professor of the Russian School of Private Law

The magazine "Civil Law Review" stands apart from other legal publications. His "persons are not a general expression" he is obliged to combine exclusive first-published materials, discuss bills in the field of civil legislation and comments of scientists and practitioners on private law issues. As a result, the magazine is very useful to corporate lawyers in their daily activities. "Association of Corporate Lawyers", actively cooperating with the magazine, notes its practical focus, based on the traditions of Russian civil law.

Alexandra Nesterenko, President of the Association of Corporate Lawyers

It is gratifying that your team managed to restore in the current century the publication of the magazine "Civil Law Review". Created at the beginning of the last century, the journal even at that time united prominent scientists of civilizations, processologists and specialists in the field of private international law. Now this relay race is continued by professional lawyers and scientists of our time. A distinctive feature of the Civil Law  Review throughout its existence is an active position in resolving various issues of the development of law. The magazine is by right a tribune for discussing acute issues of civil law and civil law. Professional legal expertise and publications of specialists on the pages of your journal, often contribute to the adjustment of legislation and the solution of many urgent problems of civil law.

Sergey Pepelyaev, Cand. Juridical Sciences, Managing Partner of Pepeliaev, Goltsblat and Partners

For us, "Civil Law Review" is a unique publication that unobtrusively affirms the best traditions of Russian jurisprudence combined with the popularization of modern civil thought. The materials published in it are really good news for any lawyer who wants to think in the true sense of the word. In Russia, there has been a phenomenon of literary "thick" magazines for many years, regarded by many as evidence of "literary-centricity" of Russia. Accordingly, for us, the "Review", similar in scope, is evidence of the fact that in Russia the movement in the direction of "civilization-centeredness", which is real to the modern Russian society and the state, is not enough. It is also very gratifying that the "Review" is almost the only publication in Russia that really makes the muddy "dissertational" flow more transparent. Note also that one of the meanings of the word "messenger" is a traditional actor in the classic tragedy, telling about what is happening outside the scene.We are far from being able to assimilate the modern Russian civil law of classical tragedy, although some elements of such in the sphere of civil cases are resolved by the courts and in a certain part of the literature.We want to emphasize another thing: for us "Review" is already a traditional actor of Russian civilization (and a very authoritative person), and telling really about what happens outside the fast-flowing routine scenes with changes in laws, short-term litigation, newspaper battles, etc. . - he immerses the reader in those depths of civilization that, hidden from the uninitiated eye, in many ways, undoubtedly, determine the legal future.


Alexander Muranov, Attorney, Managing Partner Bar Association "Muranov, Chernyakov & Partners"


Dmitry Chernyakov, Attorney, Managing Partner Bar Association "Muranov, Chernyakov & Partners"

"We use the magazine "Civil Law Review" as a teaching aid. It contains articles by leading lawyers, leading experts of the country. The depth, volume, quality of these articles allows us not only to promote our educational services, but also the whole legal thought among specialists " 


Oleg Voloshin, General Director of the School of Law "Statute"

"The journal is wonderful. It is the only one of its kind a bright source of knowledge and opinions of civil law experts. Unlike other magazines, the quality and volume of the articles allows one to deeply disclose the topic, to fully express the author's point of view; not only to raise the question, but also to answer it exhaustively. And to give a detailed answer, extraordinary, sometimes even unexpected and very timely.Virtually all authors of the journal do not require any additional representation, since their authority in the science of civil law does not require any confirmation, and opinion is very important for both theorists and practitioners who are working on themselves and do not want to stop there. "


Julius Tai, Managing Partner of Bartolius Law Office

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