We are glad to inform you that the 6th issue of the Civil Law Review has been published! 

The content of the journal consists of theoretical articles, often of a monographic nature, on topical issues of civil law, publications of works by the civilians of the past, materials on the practice of resolving disputes in civil cases, articles containing analysis and criticism of some of the most significant projects in the field of civil legislation, the materials of discussion of draft laws in expert and scientific councils, the work of foreign scientists on issues of interest for development and usage Russian law and so forth.


Read in the 6th issue:

  • 25 Years to the Code: Curriculum Vitae
    K.I. Sklovsky

  • On Legal Entities in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation of 1994
    E.A. Sukhanov

  • The Nullity of the Contract and the Contestation of the Contract:
    Problems of Judicial Interpretation
    V.V. Vitryansky

  • Dispositive Transactions: To Leave the Twilight
    A.V. Egorov

  • List of Files Becoming Chronicles
    A.L. Makovsky

And also other articles from the main headings of the journal: Problems of private (civil) law; The policy of law; Civil law in the comments; The civic thought of the past; Foreign science of private law; Criticism and review.

Chairman of the Editorial Board Makovsky A.L.


Chief Editor Sukhanov E.A.

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