V.S. E M,
Candidate of Legal Sciences,
Associate Professor of the Civil Law Department of the Law Faculty
of the Lomonosov Moscow State University

Doctor of Legal Sciences,
Associate Professor, Head of the Civil Law Department of the Law Faculty
of the Southern Federal University

DOI: 10.24031/1992-2043-2018-18-6-9-29

There is a revive of interest in intellectual discourse on the principle of solidarity of
interests, also known as the principle of cooperation or assistance, in connection with the
adoption of the principle in the Russian Civil Code. According to a number of critics, its
main drawback is the irrelevance of the requirement of solidarity for modern civil turnover,
since its content reveals a link with the command-and-control economy based on planned
economic activity. The article offers a broader view of the purpose of this principle in civil
law, based on the objective laws of social development in different periods of history, when
cooperation has become an important factor in such development. The authors explore the
main manifestations of solidarity in civil law and highlight three aspects of its doctrinal
understanding, which makes it possible to expand the functional purpose of this principle
and, therefore, its scope, which is currently limited to the area of obligations.

Keywords: principle of solidarity of interests; principle of cooperation; principle of
assistance; good faith; public interest; socialization of civil law; law of obligations;
obligations of a creditor and a debtor; corporate law.


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