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PhD in Law, Master of Private Law of the Russian School of Private Law,
Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law and Civil Procedure
of the Baikal State University, Advocate

DOI: 10.24031/1992-2043-2019-19-5-186-202

The article is devoted to determine legal nature of the contractual structure named as
“framework agreement” and defined in Article 429.1 of the Russian Civil Code. The
article is based on the evaluation review made in one of the authoritative commentaries
to post reform Civil Code and intends to inspire interest for critical thinking when
evaluating different views that exist in the national doctrine pertaining to such
contractual structure; as well as promote to search for a balanced approach in resolving
acute practical issues concerning use of the framework type agreements.

Keywords: framework agreement; contract with open terms and conditions; obligation
to enter into agreement.


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Information about the author

Raynikov А.S. (Irkutsk, Russia) – PhD in Law, Master of Private Law of the
Russian School of Private Law, Associate Professor of the Department of Civil Law
and Civil Procedure of the Baikal State University, Advocate (68B Gagarin St., Irkutsk,
664025, Russia; e-mail:

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