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Assistant Professor of the Department of Civil and Business Law
of the All-Russian State University of Justice (RLA of the Ministry of Justice of Russia)

DOI: 10.24031/1992-2043-2019-19-3-171-191

Additional responsibility of the internet service provider is a tendency of modern Russian
civil law. The legislation enlarges the list of information intermediaries and regulates
the ground of their liability. The article is devoted to the research of the legal status of
internet service providers: notion, types, rights and obligations, functions, liability.

Keywords: intellectual property law; Internet; information intermediary; search engines;
domain name registers; news aggregators; internet service provider.


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Hong Kong: Mobile apps in China: New rules bring stricter regulation and
enhanced user protection // Global Intellectual Property Newsletter – IP Topics
from around the Globe. Issue 12/16. 12th ed. // https://talkingtech.cliffordchance.

Information about the author

Fomina O.N. (Moscow) – Assistant Professor of the Department of Civil and
Business Law of the All-Russian State University of Justice (RLA of the Ministry
of Justice of Russia) (121351, Moscow, Molodogvardeyskaya St., 46, Bldg. 1; e-mail:

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