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PhD Student of the Department of Private International and Civil Law
of the MGIMO University

DOI: 10.24031/1992-2043-2019-19-3-154-170

The article contains analysis of the scope of the concept of corporate control under
Russian law and, accordingly, of the scope of the claim for recovery of corporate
control. The author considers that the applicable law and court practice show that
corporate control comprises the capacity of the shareholders to appoint the company
management, and also – that all shareholders possess corporate control proportionate
to their share in the company. Both due to these theoretical considerations, as well as to
a number of practical issues, the author suggests that the claim for recovery of corporate
control may be an adequate remedy in cases of bad-faith appointment of the company
management, additional share issue or increase of the charter capital aimed at dilution
of the stakes held by particular shareholders.

Keywords: corporate control; board of directors; additional share issue; shareholder


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Information about the author

Zotova E.K. (Moscow) – PhD Student of the Department of Private International
and Civil Law of the MGIMO University (119454, Moscow, Prospect Vernadskogo,
76; e-mail:

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