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Candidate of Legal Sciences,
Professor of the Russian School of Private Law

DOI: 10.24031/1992-2043-2019-19-3-137-153

The paper represents the commentaries on the provisions of Article 219 of the Russian
Civil Code which purports to be the cornerstone of Russian real property law, establishing
the moment from which the property over newly erected immoveable property arises.
The paper consists of analysis of either theoretical or practical problems that could be
considered on the basement of Article 219 of the Civil Code (correlation between factual
and juridical existence of the immoveable property, the moment of the accrual of the
real right over the real property, application of Article 219 of the Civil Code to specific
types of immoveable property, etc.).

Keywords: real property; immoveable thing; immoveables; land registration; real property


Бевзенко Р.С. «Горизонтальное разделение» земельного участка. Коммента-
рий к Определению Судебной коллегии по экономическим спорам ВС РФ от
16.01.2018 № 305-ЭС17-14514 [Bevzenko R.S. “Horizontal Separation” of Land
Plot. Commentary to the Determination of the Judicial Board on Economic Disputes
of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of 16 January 2017 No. 305-
ES17-14514] (in Russian) // Bulletin of Economic Justice of the Russian Federation.
2018. No. 4.
Бевзенко Р.С. Земельный участок с постройками на нем: введение в россий-
ское право недвижимости [Bevzenko R.S. Land Plot with Buildings on It: An Introduction
to Russian Real Estate Law] (in Russian). Moscow: Statut, 2017.
Бар К. фон. Для чего нужно понятие земельного участка (Grundstück) и что
это такое? О сложностях установления содержания понятия «вещь» в европей-
ском вещном праве [Von Bar С. W hy Do We Need Grundstücke (Land Units), and
What Are They? On the Difficulties of Divining a European Concept of “Thing” in
Property Law] (in Russian) // Civil Law Review. 2018. No. 5.

Information about the author

Bevzenko R.S. (Moscow) – Candidate of Legal Sciences, Professor of the Russian
School of Private Law (103132, Moscow, Ilyinka St., 8, Bldg. 2; e-mail: rbevzenko@

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