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LL.M. (Russian School of Private Law), Senior Lawyer in Law Firm BRC

DOI: 10.24031/1992-2043-2019-19-3-96-136

The article encourages to disclose the subject of the concept of an audiovisual work by
separating objects of copyright protection from unprotected objects. Therefore, the article
examines the question of the minimum degree of originality of an audiovisual work, and
segregates special elements of originality, on which a law enforcer should pay attention,
when the question of qualification of an audiovisual work in an audiovisual recording
arises. This article also discusses the creation of a script of an audiovisual work based on
the original literary work and the creation of an audiovisual work based on a script.

Keywords: intellectual property; copyright; audiovisual work; originality of an audiovisual
work; audiovisual work as a derivative work.


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Information about the author

Chumakov I.A. (Moscow) – LL .M. (Russian School of Private Law), Senior
Lawyer in Law Firm BRC (129090, Moscow, Meshanskaya St., 7/1; e-mail: ichumakoff@

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