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Master of Private Law (Russian School of Private Law),
Advocate of the Bar Association “Jurproject”

DOI: 10.24031/1992-2043-2019-19-3-53-95

This article is devoted to the problem of recognizing three-dimensional volumes of space as
real estate objects, as well as ways to reflect the 3D situations in the cadastre and registry.
The first part of the article is devoted to the definition of a 3D situation, as well as the current
practice of regulating 3D situations in Russia and abroad. The second part contains an
analysis of possible ways for the development of Russian legislation in the field of registration
of rights to three-dimensional volumes of space and the regulation of 3D situations.

Keywords: 3D cadaster; real property; land plot; unified real property unit.


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Information about the author

Tretyakova D.V. (Moscow) – Master of Private Law (Russian School of Private
Law), Advocate of the Bar Association “Jurproject” (650066, Kemerovo, Pionersky
Boulv., 3, Office 307; e-mail:

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