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You can subscribe to the magazine in several ways:


1. On our website.

For registration of the editorial subscription you need:

- Fill in the application for the specified sample.

- Send an application. - Make a payment according to the invoice *.


* The invoice is issued based on the application. For legal entities and individuals, payment is made to the bank details specified in the invoice through any bank of the Russian Federation.


After payment of the invoice, delivery of the order is carried out by registered parcels at the indicated address to the post office. Once your order reaches your destination, you receive a notification from the nearest post office and can pick up your order.

Subscription fee for 2021:

1 issue    1000 rub.

Subscription fee for 2022:

1 issue                    1200 rub.

1 year (6 issues)    6000 rub.

The Subscription prices include the cost of shipping magazines by registered parcels through the postal network of Russian Post.

Delivery of magazines to Moscow for legal entities is carried out by courier.

Apllication sent

2. In any post office for catalogs.

Catalog "Newspapers. Journals" - subscription index 36771

Joint catalog "Press of Russia" - subscription index 36978

Official catalog "Post of Russia" - subscription index P2208


3. In the subscription agency "Ural-Press" in your region


4. On the website of the scientific electronic library:

5. On the "IVIS" LLC website of electronic catalogs: details


You can also purchase any issue of an already published magazine in the Publishing House of V.Ema.

contacting the subscription department

by tel.  8 (495) 649-18-06

by e-mail:

119454, Moscow, ul. Lobachevsky, 92, building. 2

from 10:00 to 18:00

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