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About the journal


Dear colleagues! 

In 2006 a group of Russian scientists-lawyers established a "Civil Law Review" journal (Chief Editor – Ye.А. Sukhanov, Chairman of the Editorial Council – А.L. Makovsky). Analogously named journal, established and published by М.М. Vinaver, was published in pre-revolutionary Russia in 1913–1917 and was one of the most authoritative legal editions. The Journal’s Editorial Council team try their best to make the renewed edition deserving of its’ name. 


Peculiarity of the journal is in a systematic coverage of the fundamental problems of the civil law theory, which have an immediate significance for its practical application and further development. Its main object – by the way of the publications on its pages to contribute to the development of the Russian civilistic thought, its influence on the legislative process and law enforcement, mutual enrichment of the court practice and civilistic doctrine, forming of the society of specialists in civil law in the country. 


Contents of the journal are theoretical articles, often of the monograph character, regarding the actual problems of the civil law, publications of civil law scientists of the past, materials dealing with the practice of dispute resolution of civil law cases, articles including analysis and critics of the specified most important projects in the sphere of civil legislation, opinions of the scientific organisations prepared for it, materials of the law drafts discussions in expert and scientific councils, publications of the foreign scientists regarding the problems being of interest to the development and enforcement of the Russian law, etc.

Main rubrics of the journal: 

• Problems of Private (Civil) Law; 
• Politics of Law; • Civil Law in Comments; 
• Civilistic Thought of the Past; 
• Foreign Science of Private Law; 
• Critics and Reviews. 

Chairman of the Editorial Council 
Makovsky А.L. 

Chief Editor 
Sukhanov Ye.А. 

The "Civil Law Review" journal is included in the List of the leading reviewing scientific journals and editions, where the principal scientific results of the doctor of law and candidate of law dissertations shall be published.

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